Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boston Tea Party tea - May 3, 2013

A photo club friend and I toured Boston and the Tea Party museum. We visited the museum, had tea and shopped. Many pictures were taken along the way.
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The museum

The entrance to the museum
One of the presenters
Captain of the ship in the harbor
Our tea room greeter
Two presenters display some of the period's signs of disapproval

Bruce Richardson signs my book at the tea,
"A leading tea expert involved in tea's American renaissance for over 20 years." The native Kentuckian is a writer, photographer, tea blender, and frequent guest speaker at tea events across the country. He can often be found appearing on television and radio talk shows, or as a guest speaker at professional seminars such as World Tea Expo.

Bruce was recently named Tea Master for the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. He is defining tea's historical role in this iconic event that helped shape America's destiny.

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