Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tree House Tavern - October 26, 2013

The Tree House Tavern

Thus the name

The fire place in our dining room

Lovely seasonal decorations

Our first course of sandwiches

The second course - warm appetizers

Group photo
Norma, Judy, [in front] Gloria, Estelle, Barbara [sorry I don't know her name]
[in back] Amy, Pam, Ann
Desert course - eaten before the formal picture
[My fussy computer strikes again]

Proctor Mansion tea - October 19, 2013


This lovely old inn is being restored.
The Inn

We were welcomed with lovely music which continued during the tea

As you enter you see this lovely setting

The ballroom mantle
we had tea in this room

Lovely presentation of sandwiches

The sweets

The Tea Ladies
Amy, Ann, Barbara, Gloria, Judy, Norma, Natalie and her friend

Russian Icon Museum Tea - October 19th

Visit their web site..


The museum entrance

Icon display on the lower floor

Lovely display

This is a test! What do you call this item?

Our Russian hostess and presenter

Cheryl White and Ann shared their table

Boat House Lunch - September 2013

Visit their web site...

The Ladies who lunch...
Ann, Norma, Judy, Gloria, Barbara, Natalie