Friday, March 27, 2015

Lunch at the Publick House in Sturbridge , MA

Check out the Publick House ...

On Wednesday - March 4, 2015 Norma, Judy and Ann met for lunch at the Publick House in Sturbridge. It was a cold raw winter day. Unfortunately  there was no fire in the fireplace due to an issue with the roof and melting snow. There is no group photo...just pictures of the site.

Another snow covered New England day...

Pretty holiday decorations.

We sat in front of this fireplace without a fire.

Norma took me on a tour of the building.

A meeting room.

A huge dining space.

Loved the holiday decorations.

Mr. Robin posed for a spring photo.

St. Patty's tea at Mullens Herbal tea house

Norma, Judy, Cheryl and Ann met for tea on Saturday - March 14, 2015.

Yes...snowy New England.


As always Judy decorates for the theme.

A lovely table set  for us.

See Ann's pretty cup and saucer.

and the lovely lacey tea.

Notice the darling sugar container.

Another delicious soup..

Here is our 3-tiered tea.


Ladies at tea...
From the left see Norma, Ann, Judy and Cheryl raise their cups for a toast..

What a lovely setting!

More of the same.

Look who greeted us as we entered the tea room.

A photo to share...

Ann celebrates her birthday at Fancy That for tea

Saturday - February 28, 2015.

Look at all that snow!!!! BUT you can see the pink painted parking lines.

See how the sun shines in the front room.

Here is a table ready for a tea.

A familiar sight as you walk in.

A pretty setup.

Brad served a tiered tea with a candle to celebrate my birthday.

Such a pretty presentation.

It was nice to see Sarah and Brad.