Saturday, July 26, 2014

Templeton, MA Historical Society tea July 26, 2014

Historical Society found in Templeton, MA

Local musicians from the Congregational Church in town

Let's start the tea...
Our server was named Matt and he was very attentive

Started with these tasty treats

My new tea friends...
Lisa in pink teaches in the local school system and
Pam in blue lives next door to the Historical Society building
We had lovely conversation!

Tower Hill - Boylston, MA July, 25, 2014

A Free Fun day at Tower Hill
visit their web site at

Norma poses
Ann poses

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tea at Nana B's - July 18, 2014

visit the web site

Very Irish interior

Comfortable seating area

Meet Nana B!
My place sitting

My tea pot

Yummy carrot soup
Delicious beef pot pie

Oh three layers of chocolate

Ladies at lunch
Judy, Ann and Norma

Mullens Herbal Tea House - July 11, 2014

A beautiful day for a tea at Mullens Herbal Teahouse
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Judy pictured on the right in the kitchen

A pretty place setting

The cheese spread plate

Delicious soup

Beautiful tiered tea

Yummy desserts

The tea ladies
Ann, Judy and Norma

Wenham Tea - July 8, 2014

Visit their web site

Tea ladies as they enter the tea house
Cheryl, Norma and Sandy
Ann is behind the camera

Pretty table setting

As the tea brews...

Yummy corn bread

Delicious lobster bisque

Ann had a crab cake

Seen as you enter the building

July 4th tea at Fancy That

4th of July tea
visit their web site

The hosts - Sarah and Brad

Ann and Sarah pose for the camera

The lovely tiered tea foods

Lunch at Golden Lamb Buttery - Saturday June 28, 2014

A beautiful resident of the farm...

The ladies who lunched...
Cheryl, Judy, Gloria, Barbara, Ann and Norma
standing from left to right

lunch after the soup...

Soup came before the dish above...


4th picture

Supposed to have been the 3rd picture

This was supposed to have been the 2nd picture - of the barn that
holds the restaurant

This was supposed to have been the first picture to be displayed BUT
the software did what it wanted to go.

Roseland Cottage Tea - June 26, 2014

Visit the Cottage web site at
Also known as Henry C. Bowen House or as Bowen Cottage

The huge barn

A garden view

Ladies in charge of serving the tea

A light tea to be followed by a presentation regarding the history of the cottage
and a tour of the house

Ladies at tea
Judy, Norma and Ann